We accept nearly all major insurance plans including Medicare. Please call our office if you have any questions, or to verify your insurance coverage.


We offer payment plans for uninsured patients.

  • Plan 1 $75 upfront, then may pay full bill within 3 months.
  • Plan 2 $150 upfront, then may pay full bill within 3 months.


1. IN-Clinic Adult Patient Visit
A. Well-care visit-15 minutes: $50
B. Well-care visit-30-45 minutes-$350
C. Well-care Specific, directed limited clinical evaluation: $125
D. General Health Screen Labs: $130
E. General Expanded Health Screen Labs: $450 plus
F. Skin Biopsy, Fine-Needle Aspiration, Rapid Screen test: $175 plus
G. Minor skin laceration repair with suture/anesthesia: $650
H. Second Opinion Consultation with Complete Medical Record Review- $750
2. TELEMEDICINE – Adult Patient consultation/medication call-in to pharmacist- $75
3. MOBILE MEDICINE/HOUSE CALL- Adult Patient Visit- $450 plus (depending on
mileage), VIP service- up to $1500 dollars (depending on mileage) to include labs,
pharmaceutical pickup, and traveling expense
4. Release of Medical Records and Faxing: $45
5. Educational Counseling Session on Nutrition/dieting and Specific Chronic Diseases-
$125 dollars per HOUR.

For the most up-to-date information on our accepted private health insurance plans contact our clinic directly at 770-648-7226.