Chronic Pain Syndrome


Dr. Jackson Gates, MD

Primary Care and Pathology Physician

Chronic Pain Syndrome Treatment in Conyers, Georgia

We offer a variety of solutions for treating chronic pain, from physical therapy and injections to long-term treatment. Whatever the cause, we’ll work with you to find the best way to manage your pain.

Dr. Jackson Gates offers treatment for Chronic Pain Syndrome in Conyers, Georgia and provides expert care to help you manage the condition and restore your health.

Chronic Pain Syndrome FAQs

Chronic pain is usually defined as pain that persists over a period of three months and is not caused by an acute condition or event. The pain can be severe, persist for long periods of time, and impact the quality of life.

The underlying cause of chronic pain is not always known; however, it can be a result of injury to the body or the nervous system, infection or toxicity in the body, cancer, or a variety of other diseases.

The diagnosis of chronic pain depends on the type of pain, duration, and severity. The treatment of chronic pain may include medications, physical therapy, surgery, or lifestyle changes such as reducing stress levels or changing one’s diet.

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