Liver Function Tests


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Liver Function Tests in Conyers, Georgia

Liver function tests can help determine how well your liver is doing its job. Find out what to expect and what results are considered normal.

Dr. Jackson Gates offers liver function tests in Conyers, Georgia and provides expert care to help you manage the condition and restore your health.

Liver Function Tests FAQs

A liver function test is a blood test in which the blood is examined in a laboratory to check for liver damage and the overall health of the liver. The levels of certain substances in the blood can help show if the liver is working properly.

Your healthcare provider may ask you not to eat, drink, or take certain medications in order to avoid affecting the test results.

Your doctor uses a thin needle to take a small amount of blood, usually from your arm near your elbow. You’ll feel a pinch or stinging when the needle goes in.

You’ll probably have these tests more than once over a few days or weeks. Your doctor can look at how levels change to be sure of your condition.

If you get your test at a clinic that has a lab on site, you can get results in a few hours. If not, it might take a few days.

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